Tuesday, February 22, 2011

a little glimpse of college

I live in Bacolod but I study here in Dumaguete so I live in a small dorm and often times I don't tend to clean things up. When it's the normal days my room is mostly clean and organized but when prelims, midterms and finals come my room turns into a tornado of unknown things. I try to keep my room colorful and vibrant so I won't get homesick from time to time :)

Friday, February 18, 2011

electric blue

electric blue
electric blue by zerogravitydrama featuring halter evening dresses

my favorite color :>


black and blue

where cab fares are expensive

in CEBU again, this time it's in the city. i went there for my friend carmina's birthday and also a little vacation from the real world of stressful examinations. i was shocked by how the cab fares there were really expensive(reached 500php) but it was a great city though :) we stayed at this korean hotel called BE hotel and the rooms reminded me of the powerpuff girls bedroom before.

life's a competition. >:)

i just came from a FUTSAL game at school and i was assigned in the defense position and there i learned one thing: TACKLE THE OPPONENT AND PASS THE BALL. life's one big competition but i dare say you don't need to be first that's why im ranting about those competitive people and those that step other people's boundaries. im also ranting about those people who tend to make you feel out of place so that they'd feel superior but in reality they will never be, i know that sounded bad but it's getting on my nerves right now and it feels like i want to kick someone really hard. but anyway im gonna leave it all behind and let it pass, just like a ball. :)

all that glitters

peach and beige


TIERRA ALTA, DUMAGUETE CITY. with my med-tech friends after a scrumptious lunch. we watched if we could go zip-line-ing but the weather was too hot and we didn't have enough money that time so we took pictures around the place instead