Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Coming from a city(Bacolod City) and transferring to a little town, I was desperate to find a good clothing store here when I was in my first days in college, and in awe, Mixed Berry was one of the stores I found which had really good clothing and I also like the interior of the store itself. Besides all of that, I also feel at home in there since the owner of the store was also an ilongga. (photos of the store is not mine)
their wide selection of accessories which I really love to look at everytime I visit their store. I especially love their headbands.

One of the headbands I bought from there


also my denim shoes here, but they're not clear

My brown Venus Cut dress which I wore at a friends debut, bought this at the last minute and I was thrilled about it since it was on sale.

They gave out free pens for some customers who were spotted using their items

I chose this design! What do you think?

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